RebuildSA is a community-based organisation. Our number one aim is to help communities rebuild following recent tragic events in South Africa. 

Strictly for the people by the people, ReBuildSA unites and strengthens efforts to restore and nurture our beautiful nation.

We coordinate our growing list of wonderful volunteers from all walks of life and connect them with businesses, schools, NGOs, and communities in need. 

We are an apolitical and non-religious movement and will soon be registered as a Public Beneficiary Organisation able to offer section 18A tax certificates to all financial donors. 

Our Story

In the face of damage and loss of hundreds of businesses and other facilities in July 2021, leaving thousands jobless without access to essential resources, one person put up their hand and offered to help.

Emelda Masango went onto the “I Know A Guy” page on Facebook and offered to help clean up business that had been affected. Within 24-hours her post was shared nearly 1,000 times and had sparked a wave of thousands offers of assistance. 

Emelda had catalysed a beacon of hope and activity. She joined forces with Mbali Ndhlovu and Natalie Church, and the RebuildSA Facebook page was born on 13th July 2021. The group gained tens of thousands of volunteers within less than a week and immediately began coordinating community clean ups for hundreds of businesses. 

The “We The People” movement soon got involved and helped connect RebuildSA to supporting organisations. These organisations have been crucial to activating RebuildSA’s efforts. 

However, it’s the offers of assistance from individuals, businesses and organisations nationwide and internationally that have been the most heart-warming. From security guards to lawyers, trauma counsellors to electricians, a pilot offering to deliver food by air to the many thousands of unemployed South Africans raising their hands to volunteer, the response has been overwhelming. 

South Africans, we salute you. We are because you are. And we will not be divided.

Our Vision & Values

At RebuildSA, we are equally pragmatic and optimistic. We know that there are many problems to solve and that communities in South Africa will always need some form of help to rebuild.  But no challenges are insurmountable. Our movement proves that South Africans from all walks of life are committed to love, healing, and rebuilding.  So, our vision is to continue to rebuild well into the future. We aim to galvanise volunteers to assist in strengthening communities in our own country and, where possible, extend our help to communities in need of help across the African continent.   Throughout all our efforts, we will keep our values close at heart. These are: 
  • To focus on helping communities rebuild.
  • To remain strictly for the people by the people with no political or religious affiliations.
  • To rely on data and factual information to reach communities in need. 

Who We Are

The core RebuildSA team are regular freelance workers who have a passion for helping people. A vast network of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers from all walks of life and locations across South Africa support and activate our efforts. 

We would love for you to be a part of our community. We are here. We are together. Let’s rebuild. 

Who We Help

RebuildSA is apolitical and nonreligious. We do not discriminate. We will assist any of the following organisations:

  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • NGOs

Does your business, school, or organisation need help? Please click the button below to access assistance.

What we do

Our practical efforts on the ground are currently focused on rebuilding businesses, schools, and NGOs in
South Africa.
We also play an important role in spreading hope and positivity for and about South Africa through our
website, social media, traditional media, and speaking opportunities.

RebuildSA’s impact is growing every day. We are proud of our achievements and would be grateful if you
would help us by sharing our success stories with your networks.

How Can You Help?

You can keep RebuildSA alive in 3 ways:
1. Register as a volunteer here.
2. Make a donation here.
3. Tell communities in need about us and encourage them to make contact with us here so that we
can assist them.

Our Support Organisations

We would like to thank the following organisations for their incredible support and generosity in
furthering our mission. (partner logos to add)

Stay Connected

Together we can rebuild our beautiful country. We invite you to be part of our community today. Join our
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