Bubele Rebuilds in Alex

It has been a little over a week since parts of South Africa were razed to the ground. The troubles started just after former president Jacob Zuma handed himself into the correctional authorities.

What followed was something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. Roads were dug up, factories destroyed, and livelihoods went up in flames. The country and the rest of the world was stunned. 

Like many South African’s Wendy Malpage was not going to let hate win.

Wendy runs Bubele Africa, an initiative that provides food to groups of people who help to keep the spruits in and around Sandton clean.

In the days directly following the unfortunate events, when most of us were still stunned and holding our breath, Wendy jumped into action. As a self-proclaimed ‘doer’ she was on the ground in some of the worst hit parts of Alexandria Township, East of Sandton.

Getting people to take action is a relatively simple task for Wendy and her team at Bubele Africa as they have nurtured the spirit of Ubuntu and communities that they assist along the spruit and in certain parts of Alex.

When we spoke with Wendy, she described feelings of hope, resilience, and an energy that can only be found here in Africa. She said that there was an overall sense of awe and amazement at the overwhelming sense of camaraderie and community they experienced.

When asked about why they decided to go and help Alex clean up the mess all she could say was this, “By giving the community a sense of responsibility we are also giving them a sense of empowerment, which in turn empowers oneself to be the change we want to see in South Africa,”

As we continue to rebuild let’s remember that no man is an island and, in South Africa, we are all in this together. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, so it takes a village to rebuild. We’re stronger together.

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