Cleaning Up, One Bag at a Time

Cleaning up their neighbourhood is what the Live Life Always team do on a weekly basis. Every weekend, Sean Williams and Lovemore Robson take to the streets and, with the assistance of Diepsloot and Fourways community members, they clean up the streets in their neighbourhood and surrounding areas.

Sean recently moved to Zanzibar with his family but is still committed to his and Lovemore’s dream of cleaning up South Africa. In the wake of last week’s events in Johannesburg and KwaZulu Natal, they both agreed that South Africa needed their help. On 16 and 17 July Lovemore and the crew headed to Alexandra township, one of the hardest hit areas in Johannesburg, and, focused their energy on cleaning up Alex.

EOH jumped on board and provided must needed funding to ensure the sustainability of this mammoth task. Thanks to their generous contributions, the Live Life Always crew will spend more days cleaning and assisting in Alex and other areas.

Not all men can do great things, but all men can do small things to achieve great results. And that’s what this team is doing, one bag of trash at a time. In Sean’s words

“together we can change the world.”

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