SA Harvest and Waterford Carriers doing what it takes

Be kind whenever it is possible... it is always possible

It’s the greatest thing in the world when regular people make a monumental difference in the lives of others who can never repay them and since the chaos erupted in South Africa,we have seen that kindness everywhere.

Of course, with many of the shops having been looted, a massive need among the people of Gauteng and KZN has been the supply of essential food. Lindy Featherstone decided she needed to do what she could to help.

When she called SA Harvest, she could never have dreamt of the magnitude of support the most hard-hit people of South Africa would receive from them. SA Harvest is an organisation that is driven to feed the most vulnerable South Africans and has been doing this phenomenal work since 2019.

Alan Browde, the founder of SA Harvest, was only too happy to partner with Lindy and contribute to the food drive. The food needed to get to KZN and Alan said that if Lindy could make that happen, SA Harvest would give what they could.


Enter Waterford Carries, the logistics company owned by Lindy’s husband. They jumped at the opportunity to provide a truck and driver and load up the contributions from SA Harvest – contributions of much needed food to the tune of 30 tons! On 22 July, the truck began its journey to bring relief to the destitute people of KZN.

The beauty of this kindness is that it doesn’t end there. While they are able to, SA Harvest and Waterford Carries will continue their partnership to send food to where it is needed most. Another truck leaves on Monday. In the meantime, the work continues behind the scenes to bring relief to the anguish of those suffering.

Lindy, SA Harvest and Waterford Carries have shown that the spirit of Ubuntu is alive and well in South Africa. With Her People behind her, South Africa will rise once again.

In a world where you can be anything you choose, choose to be kind.

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